Negotiation meeting #2

Today was our second negotiation meeting with the management.

24 Mai 2019

We have been discussing our previous requests, but for the moment the only guaranties that the company is giving us are the flight allowances (40€ for ccm and 50€ for sccm) and the stand-by payment (15€ per stand-by), that were already given before we even started the negotiations. Of course, this will be an improvement, but it is not enough !

However, discussion is not over yet and the company is willing to talk further about the salaries improvements and other topics that were exposed.

They will need more time to go through some calculations and give us other proposals. Our main goal today is to grant a minimum decent salary to all Crew of CDG base.

We will be meeting again next week (video conference) to discuss those topics, and in person in two weeks.

In the meantime, feel free to contact us in the following email addresses for any enquiry.

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