Do you know Aerotoxic Syndrome ?

As part of its work for the recognition of the aerotoxic syndrome, the SNPNC has approached the ATC, the Association of Toxicology and Chemistry of Paris ( to participate in the drafting of a scientific article describing the aerotoxic syndrome, the process of cabin air contamination, symptoms and possible means of preventing.

A.T.C is made up of whistleblowers, scientists and volunteers. This association has participated in the revelation of the scandals of asbestos and Dioxin.

The purpose of this collaboration is to "make known" but also to serve as a scientific guarantee in this fight of public health.

Crews, passengers and other actors involved in aircraft operations must be aware of the existence of the aerotoxic syndrome so that it is recognized by the public authorities and the air authorities. This is how industry and airlines will come out of denial and be pushed to implement a prevention policy in the interest of all.


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